Dec 23, 2009

Computer News & Stuff

Well it seems like my computer is still out of order and out of luck and all kinds of stuff. So in the mean time I am using my wonderful girlfriends' computer for the time being to check e-mail and do blog up-dates and stuff when I can. As for website up-dates I will have to wait until I get another computer sometime next year. I have two other blogs that I will set up links for. One is on MySpace and the other is on I think it's called Wordpress. Anyway I plan to use this blog for new poems and blog essays and other stuff that will I hope inspire you and continue to read more of my work. My blog on Myspace, well....I plan to use that only if I have to, it seems like every time I'm on it to add something it freezes up. So I plan to use this blog, right here to continue the work that I started on MySpace. So starting next year this will be the blog that I use for up-dates, new poems and other stuff.

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