Feb 28, 2010

A Novel (Mini-Blog Essay)

Someday I'm going to write a novel. Yes, it's a dream that many of us have. But how many of us really do it? I'm sure there are a lot of people that are talented and sit down and write to their hearts content and finally realize their dream and that's great, more power to them and I wish them great success. But there are also a lot of people who say they're going to write a novel but they never start or they start writing but in the end they never finish it. Which one are you? Or does it even matter? It takes a lot of hard work to write. Not everyone has a little office or room where they can sit down drink coffee and start writing the "All American Novel". It may take months or to be more realistic years to finish writing a novel. So what, writing takes time, it's a fact. Just get over it and if you want to write a novel sit down, decide what type of novel that you want to write, and just do what feels natural even if you write one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one page, one chapter, a day or night or whatever. Does it really matter if it takes longer than you originally thought. I don't think so. As long as you start writing it, isn't that the hard part, just getting started. So with that being said, this year I plan to start writing a novel. I've always wanted to ever since I was about sixteen or twenty something. I have a fairly good idea of what it's going to be about. I've already came up with the names of the characters, a cool title, and stuff like that. I have sort of an idea of how to begin the story. I almost have an ending.....well kind of. I just need to think of a decent middle part. But I think all that will work out somehow. I just need to get started on it. Well that's the plan so far. Hopefully I will have it completed and published by the year 2012 and if it takes longer so be it.

Feb 23, 2010

New Computer

Finally, yes finally I got a new computer.  Now I can add stuff to this blog.  Check back soon for up coming mini-blog essays
and poems (that is if I don't have writer's block)

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