Mar 23, 2010

Does Poetry Matter

A simple one word will answer this complicated question. And that answer is yes.  Yes, poetry does matter. Why does it matter? (I will do more on this post or on another blog post soon when I have more time.)  

Pearl Jam

It seems like Pearl Jam releases a new album every two or three years. If you think about it that's very impressive. Plus they've maintained to stay afloat after most "grunge" bands have either broken up or have gone on to other things. Pearl Jam is kind of like the Rolling Stones of this or well, my generation in the fact that they keep on going and going....yes, just like the Energizer Bunny.

Writing Pen

For years I've written stuff down with a "Bic" crystal pen. The other day I was at Walmart. I was looking at office supplies and noticed a "Bic" Round Stic, medium point pen. So I went ahead and bought it. Wow, I like it. It doesn't smear or anything when I write. I'm left handed so sometimes when I write stuff it might smear a little bit, but not with this awesome pen. I've always used a "Bic" pen when I write and that got me thinking on brand loyalty. If I like something I will stick with it. It's the same with what I choose to eat, drink, listen to, watch, read, or whatever it may be. If I like it, then I like it. Simple as that.


The other day, Jenny bought a webcam for my computer. I was thinking of doing a possible book trailer type of thing to promote my poetry books and stuff. I'm still undecided, but it sounds like fun and I might do one in the future. I can do other stuff with it and that's cool. I like it.

Mar 1, 2010

Jimi Hendrix

The master of the electric guitar.
The voodoo child of everything that rocks and kicks
freaking ass and other stuff that screams the sound
and vibe of the one and only word that is known as BOOM!


Oh My God!!
My new favorite drink is a "White Russian".
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
It is so GOOD!!
Oh, WOW!!
It is so GOOD!!.
(Did I say it was Good!!. Yes, I think so, it is so GOOD!!)

The Bucket List

20 things to do before I turn 40: (in no particular order)
1. Ride on a train.
2. Go skinny dipping.
3. Write and publish a novel.
4. Record a CD of spoken word poetry (or songs).
5. Buy a house.
6. Visit Graceland (Elvis).
7. Get married to Jenny Newman.
8. Watch every "Star Wars" movie in chronological order
(Including the Clone Wars cartoons and stuff).
9. Learn to surf or at least attempt to surf.
10. Go whale watching.
11. Be interviewed by the local paper or other publication.
12. See a cool band such as Pearl Jam with Jenny.
13. Get another tattoo.
14. When my car finally dies, buy a car with four wheel drive
or a newer used Beetle.
15. Finish reading all those unread books on my bookshelf.
16. Visit the Grand Canyon (maybe).
17. Go to a Comic Book or a Sci-Fi Convention.
18. Have a thousand dollars saved in my savings account.
19. Buy a pet cat and dog.
20. Visit Tangier Island (again) or Eastern Shore Virginia or maybe Key West Florida.

More Mini-Blog Essays

I plan to write more mini-blog essays in the next few months. Look for topics such as "Comic Books", "The Job", "Beer", and other stuff.

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