Apr 4, 2010

Comic Books

Well, it seems that after a few years of reading comic books I've learned that I read more comic books by DC than I do Marvel. While both comic book companies are great I lean a little bit more toward DC. My current subscriptions are to the following comics below:
1. The Flash (my favorite)
2. The Amazing Spider-man (my second favorite)
3. Batman
4. Green Arrow
5. Iron Man
6. The Justice League Of America
7. Daredevil
I've gone over time and time again on which ones to keep and which ones to set aside for the time being. Although I like Daredevil and Iron Man it seems that I have to let them go for now. My home subscriptions don't run out until a few months but when they complete their subscription cycle I've decided not to renew them. DC comics has started a new comic following the "Blackest Night" comic called the "Brightest Day" which I currently subscribed to. So now when the current subscriptions expire I will subscribe to the following comics below:
1. The Flash
2. The Amazing Spider-man
3. Batman
4. Green Arrow
5. The Justice League of America
6. Brightest Day
So, that' s it for now.
The comic book collection is complete and fine and also happy for now.
So, keep reading.
Keep cool.
Keep doing the things that you're doing.
Rock on, my friends.
Rock on.

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