Aug 28, 2010

Free E-Books Now Available!

Yes, it's true. Three chapbooks that were originally selling for $6.95 are now available for free. A few other up-dates have also been added to the website as well including more names added to the "Thank You" page and awesome covers for the free short story titled "The Secret Of Andrew Miller" and the free epic poem called "October Sun" and also the free song lyrics. Check it out when you get a chance.  Visit the link below:

Aug 15, 2010

Still Summer-time (New Poem) 8/15/10

Don't complain.
Don't worry.
Summer-time is still alive and well.
There's no time for useless
fights and silly arguments.
The hot sun still shines down
and makes us squint our eyes.

Be Fun And Goofy (New Poem) 8/14/10

Again into the past.
Separate but a complete individual.
Crazy info commercials.
Love at every turn.
My girl beside me.
High on this little piece of life.
Also high on other stuff.
Coming down in a calm
and orderly fashion.
A little smile.
A sly, smart, sexy smile.
Waiting for us to be
completely naked.
In a dream?
No, not this time.
Right now, it's for real.
Let go once more.
Be fun and goofy.
Everyone must feel like
this at one time or another.

Crickets (New Poem) 8/14/10

I can't stop laughing.
Our words no longer matter.
Yoda speaks and we understand perfectly.
Time begs us to stop and stand still but we
cover our ears and do not listen.
A few crickets are chirping outside.

Aug 5, 2010

The Job (Mini-Blog Essay)

At the moment I'm on vacation. I just got back from Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. It was great to actually get away for awhile and have a nice relaxing vacation out of state for once. Okay, so here is the mini-blog essay titled "The Job". Over the years I've had several jobs that for the most part I didn't enjoy. My current job so far has been really good and I plan to stay there for awhile. I don't have any complaints and I don't dread going there like other jobs that I've had in the past. My first job which was working at a family owned fast food restaurant called "Wright's Dairy Rite" in Staunton, Virginia. I just turned 17 a week or so before I got the job. From there I learned the art of flipping burgers and making fries. I also started smoking more often. Before that I didn't smoke that much but after I started working there I became a full time smoker (I have since then quit smoking). Also during the weekends some of us would party after work and drink alcohol and hang out. It was fun. My second job was yet again at a fast food place called "Hot n Now", which thank God, closed down. That place for me was pure hell. I hated going there. The only thing that was good about it was well, nothing. After that I vowed never again to work at a fast food restaurant and so far I've kept that promise. Although I've had other jobs where I worked in food service such as working in the kitchen area at Western State Hospital and working in the kitchen department at Bridgewater College but not in a actual fast food restaurant. No McDonald's. No Burger King. Nothing like that. Looking back on my work history I would stay at a job anywhere between six months to a year and then be looking for another job. I would find something better or in some cases I would be fired for showing up late or something like that. In this one case I was fired from Walmart for stealing a bag of chicken tenders. I was working there as a shopping cart attendant. I hardly had any money at the time and the money that I did have went toward bills. So in my head, I thought well, I'll just pay for it later. So a couple of times I would just grab a bag of chicken from the Deli and go on break and eat it. I mean Walmart is such a big company it isn't going to hurt them....right? In my head it made sense but thinking back maybe it didn't make much sense. What I did was wrong. It's still called stealing no matter how much you try to justify it. I was caught and had to do 80 hours of community service at the Salvation Army which wasn't that bad. In fact, I like the Salvation Army. But that was over ten years ago and I'm a much better person for that experience. (An experience that I would not like to repeat I might add) Anyway, I'm getting way off track here. So where was I? The job, yes the job. For about five years I worked at Marshall's Distribution Center in various departments. I worked in the shipping department on the graveyard shift which was from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and at the time it was the perfect job. I could sleep in if I wanted to and still do some stuff at night before I went to work. The work wasn't that bad and I actually liked it. Then they got rid of third shift and that really sucked. I had to go to first or second shift. So I choose to work on first shift, since I already worked on second shift when I first started there. It was alright working on first shift but then I just couldn't take it anymore. First of all the boss I had wasn't the nicest person to work for and I just got burned out. For the first time in my life I was burned out from working. Everything sucked. The low pay rate, working all the time, and putting up with all the bullshit. Although I didn't plan on it I started to use my personal time and sick days. Until one day I used up all my time and they had to let me go. But I was so fed up with it I didn't care anymore. My current job is good. I like my boss and I enjoy working with my co-workers, I have good benefits and the pay is good. Plus the job itself is kind of cool. For 12 hours a day I work around books and being a writer myself it's good to see what's coming out by other authors. I plan to stay there for awhile. Maybe even until retirement. Really, yes, maybe even until retirement. I never thought I'd hear myself say that.

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