Dec 31, 2010

Year in Review

Well what have I done this past year, let's see.  I've written nine poems, two mini-blog essays, one song, and twenty-three blog posts.  That's not too bad.  I hope to write more during the new year coming up.   

Dec 22, 2010

Computer Slaves (New Poem) 12/20/10

What was spoken of somewhere at sometime in the deep and dark past has now come into being.  The future age is here.  Flying cars, no not yet.  Jet packs, no sorry not yet.  Living on the moon....once again no, not yet.  But what then is it? Computers.  Computers.  Computers.  Computers, my friend.  That's what it is in this day and age.  We are slaves to our computers.  Long ago before this modern age if someone said the world would be ruled by computers and other hi-tech devices they would just shake their heads and call you crazy.  But look around.  Just look.  Yes, right now.  Everywhere you look we are either plugged into or logged onto some type of computer.  Is it madness?  No, not yet. 

Dec 9, 2010

Author Interview

Check out the awesome interview from featuring poet and writer Charlie Clouse. Click on the link below.  

On Writing A Novel

The ideas are there written down on paper. Plot points, bits of dialog, character names and other stuff. Now all I need to do is write the first sentence to get the novel started. I will work on it this month and the following year coming up. If everything goes according to plan, which it might or might not, we'll just have to wait and see. But if everything does go well I should have the novel or at least a very good rough draft of the novel completed by next year around this time. Then from there I plan to publish it and market it by the year 2012 or if I need more time writing at least by the year 2014.

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