Dec 31, 2011

Hound Dog Books Year in Review (2011)

A look back.  Drinking coffee and listening to George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass".  Current song now playing is "What Is Life"....such a great song.  What a year it's been.  I actually started working on my novel titled "The Phoenix", I have about one full page done and I plan to write more in 2012.  So as we look forward to the New Year let's take a look back at 2011.  Oh just on a personal note "Doctor Who" is freaking awesome.  Okay let's look at the numbers for 2011.  New Poems: 12  Mini-Blog Essays: 2  Random Blog Posts: 20  Happy New Year Everyone!  Have Fun :) 


Dec 21, 2011

December Website Updates 2011

There is still time to shop online for books and more this year or for next year or for a late Christmas present.  The Hound Dog Books website is now updated with new poems, a new Elvis video singing a great Christmas song, new names and stuff added to the infamous "Thank You" page, and more.
Go to: Hound Dog Books  
Peace and Happiness to All :) 

Dec 18, 2011

The Return Of Poetry

Poetry is very important.  For a long time I subscribed to the poetry magazine called "The American Poet" from the Academy of American Poets.  Earlier this year I decided to cancel my subscription.  For a while it was nice but now I kind of miss reading new poems and other stuff from some wonderful poets.  Instead of renewing my subscription I decided to try out something new just to shake things up a bit with a different poetry magazine called "The American Poetry Review".  I will hopefully receive my first issue some time this coming new year, I'm looking forward to it.  Peace and Happy Blogging : )

Dec 5, 2011

Awesome Gift Ideas

The Holidays are upon us again and that means it's time for shopping, shopping, shopping.  Below are a few links for some cool places to shop online.

       (It's like a Toys R Us for Geeks)   

2.  Hound Dog Books         
      (Books signed by the Author and more, great gifts for Book Lovers)  

3. Holiday Shopping in Harrisonburg 
     (Don't forget about your Local Shops this Holiday season)  

Nov 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Loves Hound Dog Books (Mini-Blog Essay) 11/28/11

Yes that's right or maybe it's the other way around, either way it doesn't matter.  The point is the madness of Black Friday is over.  Now today is Cyber Monday when people from all over the world turn on their computers and search for great deals and stuff on the internet.  Savings, Savings, Savings, Great Deals, Great Deals, Great Deals.  You will find all of that at Hound Dog Books today.  So here is the deal.  

Cyber Monday Two for One Deal at Hound Dog Books: 
A simple concept that works for everybody.  Buy one signed copy of the book "Poems That Might Or Might Not Change Your Life" and receive a second copy absolutely FREE!
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Hound Dog Books  

Nov 15, 2011

Nov 13, 2011

Hound Dog Books November Updates 2011

Hello Everyone,
Lots of updates to the website such as New poems, Book trailer video, Names added to the Thank you page, New photos on the About page, and more.  Check it out when you get a chance.  Thanks : )  

Oct 31, 2011

Family Fun Horror Movies

Happy Halloween!
A few weeks ago, I was watching a really cool movie called "Something Wicked This Way Comes" based on the Ray Bradbury book by the same name.  I never read the book but a long time ago I remember seeing the movie at Block Buster and I remember the cover to it but I never rented it.  I'm not sure why.  I guess because I thought it was a movie for kids.  Well, I was wrong.  In a way it is a kids movie but it's also for adults as well.  I was amazed at how good the movie was.  That got me thinking of other scary movies that kids, tweens, and adults would like.  So here's a list of some that you might like.  (Note:  Some of the movies might be rated R but most are at least PG or PG-13).

1.  The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (the cartoon) - G 
2.  Something Wicked This Way Comes - PG
3.  The Twilight Zone - PG
4.  Poltergeist - PG
5.  House - R  (this one is rated R, so it might not be for younger kids)      
6.  Tremors - PG-13
7.  Fright Night - R  (this one is rated R, so it might not be for younger kids)
8.  The Gate - PG-13
9.  The Willies - PG-13
10.  The Lost Boys- R  (this one is rated R, so it might not be for younger kids)
11.  Ghostbusters - PG
12.  The Frighteners - R  (this one is rated R, so it might not be for younger kids)    

I'm sure there are a lot of other movies that I've forgot to mention but this is a good starting place.      

Oct 18, 2011

"Change Your Life" Book Trailer

Below is a link for the book trailer for the book "Poems That Might Or Might Not Change Your Life".  Interesting, effective, to the point.  Feedback welcome, both positive, negative, or in between.  Thanks.

Change Your Life Book Trailer

Oct 15, 2011

Waiting For Halloween (New Poem) 10/9/11

Cool, crisp, and slightly chilly nights.
Watching classic horror movies from every decade.
Round orange pumpkins on the front porch.
Scary, spooky, and sinister looking decorations 
are placed in just the right spot.
On every street corner in the big cities and in 
small towns there is the telling of creepy ghost 
stories and familiar urban legends.
Costumes and trick or treat candy are stocked 
on the shelves of grocery stores.
Dreams are turned into uneasy nightmares.
As we wait and wait for that one special night on October 31st.

Sep 23, 2011

Elvis Contest Up-date

Well, there were no winners for the Elvis Presley Trivia Contest.  But don't worry,  you can try again next year. 

Sep 16, 2011

Attention Writers

Hound Dog Books is happy to announce a free short story contest just in time for Halloween and all that cool stuff.  For contest details and more click on the link below.  Thanks :)
Horror Story Contest:  Win $50

Aug 14, 2011

Do You Like Elvis? Do You Like Money? How About Both?

It's still not too late to enter in the Free Elvis Presley Name Drawing Contest.  For details visit the link below.
Elvis Presley Contest   Thank You, Thank You Very Much :-)

Jimi Still Rocks: part one and part two (New Poem) 8/13/11

(Part One)

Dreaming again.
Drinking again.
Listening to Jimi Hendrix again.
Some things still stay the same again and again.

(Part Two)

He's on another level, another plane of existence, 
he's on or from another planet some people have said.
Even though he passed away years and 
years ago his music still lives on.
So from this point of view did he really die?
No, of course not.
Rock on my friend, Rock on.
Oh, and one more thing.
I would like to say again and again 
"Thank You", "Thank You", "Thank You".

Aug 13, 2011

Finally On Vacation

Well, it's about time.
Going down to Virginia Beach for the weekend.
Although it might rain, it will still be fun because after all it's "The Beach". 

Jul 29, 2011

A Smart Goose: Goose is Lucy's nickname (New Poem) 7/27/11

A wonderful buzz worth writing about.
Two glasses of red wine.
Listening to the Tool album “AEnima”.
Very late at night.
Lucy is still up, but she’s being cute 
and goose-like in her own little way.  
I love her.
She is just so smart.
It amazes me with how 
smart she is at just three years old.

Trying To Be (New Poem) 7/26/11

As I open up another bottle of beer 
reflect upon this life, yes this life.  
Summer-time is here.  And at this moment in 
time right now at this very second it actually feels 
like Summer.  Just like it‘s suppose to feel like.  
Summer-time is in full bloom as the night sky, 
the stars, and the Earth spin in space.  
Drinking beer. George Killian’s beer.  
A very good beer.  
A great tasting beer with an excellent 
vibrant red color that is full of perfect bliss.  
Yes, I know my senses are being clouded by 
the short lived effects of alcohol.  Yes, I know.  
Yes, I know this feeling will end.  
Yes, I know my senses are in control now.  
So when I come down from this pleasant feeling 
I will continue to live.  I will continue to find my-self 
and I will continue to serve something called 
Love, God, Krishna, and so on and so on.  
Right now I’m listening to a great band 
called Shelter, they’re freaking amazing.  
Check them out when you get a chance.  
Damn, I have to pee again.  
Trying to be a better person, trying to be better.  
Still learning, still learning.  
Trying everyday to be a better parent, just to be 
better than I was the day before.  Trying not to be 
so uptight, trying not to get mad at little things that 
can easily be fixed by a simple process called 
deep breathing and a little bit of well actually a lot 
of something called patience. That’s something that 
we all need.  Just trying to be a better person everyday. 
Just trying to, trying to, trying to.  Just trying to 
serve the Lord or God or Krishna or the 
Supreme Being better, somehow, some way.  
Just trying to remember that we are not these bodies.  
We are spirit souls.  We are spiritual beings living life 
as human beings trying to find our way, our way back home.   

Jul 26, 2011

Work Sucks (New Poem) 7/19/11

The Summer days seem to 
be wasted on days like these.
The days when you have to 
work and work and work.
It doesn't even feel like 
Summer at all.
Damn you work, you kill all 
hope of a nice beautiful 
Summer day just like today.
What a waste.

Jul 6, 2011

Are You Happy? (New Poem) 7/5/11

35 years old.
A turning point of some kind.

A dream unfolds.
A dream is forgotten.
Kids are screaming in the backseat.
Then after awhile the kids are 
calm and happy again.
That's the secret to life isn't it.
If the kids are happy everyone is happy.
This poem upon reading it again 
seems to be missing something.
What it is I do not know.
But on the other hand this life 
isn't missing anything at all.
It is now complete filled with ups 
and downs and everything in between.
Last night my 2 year old daughter 
said to me "Be happy....Daddy".
And she's right.

Jul 4, 2011

Website Up-dated

The Hound Dog Books website is now up-dated with new poems and other cool stuff.  When you have the time feel free to check it out.  Here's the link: Hound Dog Books

Jul 3, 2011

A Good Distraction (New Poem) 7/2/11

We cloud our minds with alcohol.
But it's a good distraction.
Yes, it's a good distraction.
With the red wine flowing we become happy and even more passionate.
But passionate about what?
This is why we are find out, to find.
With our words we speak.
With our dreams we awake.
With our hearts we love.
Yes, with our hearts we love.                 

Jun 20, 2011

Three Simple Words (New Poem) 6/19/11

These little moments.
Dreaming of the perfect love.
Right here, it's here with that special someone (Right here).
You, it's all about you.
Three simple words mean everything right now.
So I will say "I love you".
"I love you".
"I love you".

Jun 19, 2011

Carl, Buddha, and Jenny (New Poem) 6/17/11

Inside the body.
After this is gone (the body).
What happens next?
Do we just stop and lay motionless forever.
The end, kaput, breathe in, breathe out, stop.
Amazing the mind is.
What if all types of beliefs are wrong.
What happens next?
What is faith.
What is fact.
What is reality.
What is not real.
Find the courage to believe.
Freewill is an amazing gift.
If everything is within, what happens next?
Ah, Buddhist wisdom you seem to come 
through at this particular time, and the 
time, it's 2:10 a.m.
The Buddha said:
"We are what we think.
All that arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world".
(The Dhammapada "The Sayings of the Buddha")
My girlfriend (Jenny) says I should read some Carl Sagan books.  I agree, I haven't read any of his books. 
She says that I would like it.

May 31, 2011

Solving Modern Day Problems (New Poem) 5/29/11

Too many thoughts inside the mind.
Solving modern day problems that in reality aren't 
really problems at all.
Stop and think.
We create everything except ourselves.
Hi Mom.
Hi Dad.
Hello Krishna.
Even if you do not exist, it doesn't really matter in the end.
But what if it does, what if it does matter?
So I say again.
Hello, Krishna.
Hello, Krishna.
Not afraid to die.
Not afraid to die.
I'm sure it's happened many times before.
Money doesn't matter.
(It's only paper)
In the end what can we take with us.
In the end what matters most.
In the end we all know the answer to that.
(Smile and say hello to Love)  
Right now it seems so simple.
We have everything that we need.
We have so much, should we give some of it away?
Think about it.
We are blessed and we don't even know it, 
there is no reason to complain.

May 22, 2011

Just A Little Bit Drunk (New Poem) 5/21/11

Empty glass of wine waiting to be filled.
The bills are all paid at the moment.
Just got paid the other day.
Off of work and drinking beer and wine late at night.
Went to the Farmer's Market earlier today and 
picked up some good stuff.
Right now it's a little past ten o' clock and drinking 
some wine from good old California.
Earlier me and my girlfriend were thinking of 
things to do such as skinny dipping and other stuff.
We both thought it was a good idea.
Now we just need to find a nice quiet place 
to try it or in other words to do it.
Is this poem getting a little too personal?
Maybe just a little bit but yet I still continue to 
write it down even if it reveals more than you 
would like to know.
I'm going to get another glass of wine. 

May 7, 2011

Comics Comics Comics

Today is Free Comic Book Day.
Visit Comic Toast for comics and more.
Visit the link below for more information and cool stuff.
Comic Toast

May 4, 2011

May The Fourth Be With You

Hello Star Wars Fans,
Today is of course May the 4th also known as "Star Wars Day".  For more details check out the link below.

Apr 26, 2011

Hound Dog Books: Free Poem Of The Week

Hound Dog Books: Free Poem Of The Week: "The poem below is from the book 'The First Ocean Of Thought' now available to download for free for one month only. Click on the link bel..."

Free Poem Of The Week

The poem below is from the book "The First Ocean Of Thought" now available to download for free for one month only.  Click on the link below to receive your copy.    

There Should Be A Memory Of This Day
There should be a memory of this day.
And explain it to the ones who don't know.
Are you nervous?
A little bit.
Don't be nervous.
Fire can breathe.
The Earth can speak.
The daylight is missing.
Behold the night!

(This is the last chance to download your free e-book, hurry before it's too late) 

Apr 18, 2011

Free Poem Of The Week

The poem below is from the book "The First Ocean Of Thought" now available to download for free for one month only.  Click on the link below to receive your copy.    

Your Eyes
You are like a flower, with a thousand
petals opening up for the world to see your beauty.
The sun smiles all around you.
Embracing the warm glow, it reflects in your eyes.
Shining bright.
If there is more, I would like to say "Hello".

Apr 11, 2011

Free Poem Of The Week

The poem below is from the book "The First Ocean Of Thought" now available to download for free for one month only.  Click on the link below to receive your copy.    

Free E-Book
The Art Of Flying
Smoke rings.
Cars outside.
Birds chirping.
Birds flying.
Human beings.
Us, together.
Acoustic music.
Magic moment.
Next to you I feel alive.
Holding you close to me.
Birds still chirping.
Birds flying.
Human beings.
We all know how to fly.
Human beings.
It just takes a little time to grow wings.
(It just takes a little time to grow wings)   

(Author's Note:  If you have any questions or comments about the poetry on this blog just let me know.  Any type of feedback is welcome.  Oh, and thanks for reading)

Apr 8, 2011

Free E-Book Give Away To Help Promote National Poetry Month

As you may know by now April is National Poetry Month.  In order to help increase the poetic arts Hound Dog Books is offering for the first time ever the complete e-book version of the book "The First Ocean Of Thought" available to download for free.  Visit the Hound Dog Books website for more details or check out the media press release link below.
Media Press Release:
Hound Dog Books:

Apr 4, 2011

April Is National Poetry Month

Attention All Poets and Poetry Readers! 
National Poetry Month is here again.  Read a favorite poem, explore the world of poetry and more.  Visit the link below for details:  

Mar 20, 2011

What's For Dinner? (Mini-Blog Essay)

Well, it's been almost a whole year since I stopped eating the meat of cows, chickens, pigs, fish, and other things that swim.  First of all I would like to thank my girlfriend Jenny for getting me started on eating a vegetarian diet.  Which is kind of ironic since in a previous blog post I blogged about how when we first met I was for the most part a vegetarian, well sort of I still ate seafood which technically isn't vegetarian.  And then I started eating meat again and then in 2010 Jenny decided to become a vegetarian and I decided to join her.  Now I'm happy to say that I'm one hundred percent vegetarian...thanks Jenny!  We've been making awesome green smoothies for breakfast and trying a lot of different foods, which we still need to do more often.  So far the journey of eating a vegetarian diet has been a great experience on so many different levels.  I feel a lot healthier, I'm more aware of what I eat and how it affects the planet and also the animals.  Eating a vegetarian diet has also increased my interest in spirituality, faith, and so on.  I don't like to preach to people about not eating meat and I don't mind if someone eats meat, I mean most people growing up in the United States are brought up eating meat.  But now it's changing little by little, a lot of restaurants are now offering more vegetarians options (maybe not so much at fast food places but at least in other restaurants).  Documentaries such as "Food Inc.", "Earthlings", "No Impact Man", and others like it have help out in promoting the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet.  Yes, even PETA has some good things about it, although PETA can be a little extreme and in your face, which can turn some people off, myself included.  I mean PETA has some great information and all that stuff but I think they take things a little to far sometimes.  PETA can be a good starting place.  But there are  a lot of other great websites and organizations than can be just as helpful in adopting a vegetarian diet.  I've included two videos from YouTube that are well worth watching.  Don't worry the videos don't show any cows with their throats being slit open and a bucket to catch the blood, no chickens being stomped on or hanging from hooks flapping their wings, or crammed tight in cages, or pigs squealing in pain, or any fish and dolphins being scooped up in giant nets, no, nothing like that.  Instead it's a nice happy video that presents a different view on being vegetarian.  The second video is one from the 70's show "All In The Family" which I thought was funny.  So sit back and enjoy.  Just remember, the next time you go out to dinner think about this video.  It might just change the way you eat.  Here are the videos below.  Once again enjoy!

1.  Go Vegetarian

2.  Archie Bunker

Mar 5, 2011

George Harrison and Hare Krishna

Listening to George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass" and reading about Krishna on the website: which is very interesting as I always find something new that I haven't seen or read before.  The website has a lot of helpful information on the Hare Krishna movement and culture.  Although I'm kind of new to all of this Krishna stuff and so on and so on but a lot of it makes sense to me the more I look into it.  I would like to thank George Harrison and of course Swami Srila Prabhupada for their wisdom and powerful influence in the lives of so many people including mine.  Thank You! Chant and Be Happy : )   

Feb 26, 2011

The Treadmill

I LOVE the new treadmill that we just got.  I just walked and jogged on and off for about 2 miles today, I plan to do it again tomorrow.  I'm sweating but it feels good.  I feel awesome and GREAT!   

Feb 12, 2011

Tax Refund

About a week or so ago I received my tax return, I've paid a few bills and also bought a few things from my Amazon wishlist.  So at the moment we are all caught up on our bills and stuff.  Jenny also got her tax return and bought a bunch of awesome cool stuff like a treadmill and a Vitamix blender and a new bed for us and also for David.    

Jan 31, 2011

UnShowered (New Poem) 1/31/11

George Killian's beer.
Empty coffee cup.
Unshowered and watching a movie about Charles Bukowski from on my computer.
Still in my sleep pants and a t-shirt or some may say pajamas.
My glasses are broken.
So I have my contacts in.
Wrapped up in a blanket.
It's been a lazy, lazy, oh so lazy Sunday.
Do I have to work tomorrow?
Yes, I do but I work the night shift so it's okay to stay up a little bit late tonight.
Another sip of beer.
Just chilling and relaxing.
Yes! I can sleep in tomorrow.
Oh, and don't worry I will take a shower tomorrow morning....I promise.

Jan 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Elvis

Elvis would have been 76 years old today.  Check out the Hound Dog Books website for a free Elvis Presley trivia contest and win some money.  Click on the link below.
Elvis Presley Trivia Contest  

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