Mar 20, 2011

What's For Dinner? (Mini-Blog Essay)

Well, it's been almost a whole year since I stopped eating the meat of cows, chickens, pigs, fish, and other things that swim.  First of all I would like to thank my girlfriend Jenny for getting me started on eating a vegetarian diet.  Which is kind of ironic since in a previous blog post I blogged about how when we first met I was for the most part a vegetarian, well sort of I still ate seafood which technically isn't vegetarian.  And then I started eating meat again and then in 2010 Jenny decided to become a vegetarian and I decided to join her.  Now I'm happy to say that I'm one hundred percent vegetarian...thanks Jenny!  We've been making awesome green smoothies for breakfast and trying a lot of different foods, which we still need to do more often.  So far the journey of eating a vegetarian diet has been a great experience on so many different levels.  I feel a lot healthier, I'm more aware of what I eat and how it affects the planet and also the animals.  Eating a vegetarian diet has also increased my interest in spirituality, faith, and so on.  I don't like to preach to people about not eating meat and I don't mind if someone eats meat, I mean most people growing up in the United States are brought up eating meat.  But now it's changing little by little, a lot of restaurants are now offering more vegetarians options (maybe not so much at fast food places but at least in other restaurants).  Documentaries such as "Food Inc.", "Earthlings", "No Impact Man", and others like it have help out in promoting the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet.  Yes, even PETA has some good things about it, although PETA can be a little extreme and in your face, which can turn some people off, myself included.  I mean PETA has some great information and all that stuff but I think they take things a little to far sometimes.  PETA can be a good starting place.  But there are  a lot of other great websites and organizations than can be just as helpful in adopting a vegetarian diet.  I've included two videos from YouTube that are well worth watching.  Don't worry the videos don't show any cows with their throats being slit open and a bucket to catch the blood, no chickens being stomped on or hanging from hooks flapping their wings, or crammed tight in cages, or pigs squealing in pain, or any fish and dolphins being scooped up in giant nets, no, nothing like that.  Instead it's a nice happy video that presents a different view on being vegetarian.  The second video is one from the 70's show "All In The Family" which I thought was funny.  So sit back and enjoy.  Just remember, the next time you go out to dinner think about this video.  It might just change the way you eat.  Here are the videos below.  Once again enjoy!

1.  Go Vegetarian

2.  Archie Bunker

Mar 5, 2011

George Harrison and Hare Krishna

Listening to George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass" and reading about Krishna on the website: which is very interesting as I always find something new that I haven't seen or read before.  The website has a lot of helpful information on the Hare Krishna movement and culture.  Although I'm kind of new to all of this Krishna stuff and so on and so on but a lot of it makes sense to me the more I look into it.  I would like to thank George Harrison and of course Swami Srila Prabhupada for their wisdom and powerful influence in the lives of so many people including mine.  Thank You! Chant and Be Happy : )   

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