Jul 29, 2011

A Smart Goose: Goose is Lucy's nickname (New Poem) 7/27/11

A wonderful buzz worth writing about.
Two glasses of red wine.
Listening to the Tool album “AEnima”.
Very late at night.
Lucy is still up, but she’s being cute 
and goose-like in her own little way.  
I love her.
She is just so smart.
It amazes me with how 
smart she is at just three years old.

Trying To Be (New Poem) 7/26/11

As I open up another bottle of beer 
reflect upon this life, yes this life.  
Summer-time is here.  And at this moment in 
time right now at this very second it actually feels 
like Summer.  Just like it‘s suppose to feel like.  
Summer-time is in full bloom as the night sky, 
the stars, and the Earth spin in space.  
Drinking beer. George Killian’s beer.  
A very good beer.  
A great tasting beer with an excellent 
vibrant red color that is full of perfect bliss.  
Yes, I know my senses are being clouded by 
the short lived effects of alcohol.  Yes, I know.  
Yes, I know this feeling will end.  
Yes, I know my senses are in control now.  
So when I come down from this pleasant feeling 
I will continue to live.  I will continue to find my-self 
and I will continue to serve something called 
Love, God, Krishna, and so on and so on.  
Right now I’m listening to a great band 
called Shelter, they’re freaking amazing.  
Check them out when you get a chance.  
Damn, I have to pee again.  
Trying to be a better person, trying to be better.  
Still learning, still learning.  
Trying everyday to be a better parent, just to be 
better than I was the day before.  Trying not to be 
so uptight, trying not to get mad at little things that 
can easily be fixed by a simple process called 
deep breathing and a little bit of well actually a lot 
of something called patience. That’s something that 
we all need.  Just trying to be a better person everyday. 
Just trying to, trying to, trying to.  Just trying to 
serve the Lord or God or Krishna or the 
Supreme Being better, somehow, some way.  
Just trying to remember that we are not these bodies.  
We are spirit souls.  We are spiritual beings living life 
as human beings trying to find our way, our way back home.   

Jul 26, 2011

Work Sucks (New Poem) 7/19/11

The Summer days seem to 
be wasted on days like these.
The days when you have to 
work and work and work.
It doesn't even feel like 
Summer at all.
Damn you work, you kill all 
hope of a nice beautiful 
Summer day just like today.
What a waste.

Jul 6, 2011

Are You Happy? (New Poem) 7/5/11

35 years old.
A turning point of some kind.

A dream unfolds.
A dream is forgotten.
Kids are screaming in the backseat.
Then after awhile the kids are 
calm and happy again.
That's the secret to life isn't it.
If the kids are happy everyone is happy.
This poem upon reading it again 
seems to be missing something.
What it is I do not know.
But on the other hand this life 
isn't missing anything at all.
It is now complete filled with ups 
and downs and everything in between.
Last night my 2 year old daughter 
said to me "Be happy....Daddy".
And she's right.

Jul 4, 2011

Website Up-dated

The Hound Dog Books website is now up-dated with new poems and other cool stuff.  When you have the time feel free to check it out.  Here's the link: Hound Dog Books

Jul 3, 2011

A Good Distraction (New Poem) 7/2/11

We cloud our minds with alcohol.
But it's a good distraction.
Yes, it's a good distraction.
With the red wine flowing we become happy and even more passionate.
But passionate about what?
This is why we are here...to find out, to find.
With our words we speak.
With our dreams we awake.
With our hearts we love.
Yes, with our hearts we love.                 

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