Aug 14, 2011

Do You Like Elvis? Do You Like Money? How About Both?

It's still not too late to enter in the Free Elvis Presley Name Drawing Contest.  For details visit the link below.
Elvis Presley Contest   Thank You, Thank You Very Much :-)

Jimi Still Rocks: part one and part two (New Poem) 8/13/11

(Part One)

Dreaming again.
Drinking again.
Listening to Jimi Hendrix again.
Some things still stay the same again and again.

(Part Two)

He's on another level, another plane of existence, 
he's on or from another planet some people have said.
Even though he passed away years and 
years ago his music still lives on.
So from this point of view did he really die?
No, of course not.
Rock on my friend, Rock on.
Oh, and one more thing.
I would like to say again and again 
"Thank You", "Thank You", "Thank You".

Aug 13, 2011

Finally On Vacation

Well, it's about time.
Going down to Virginia Beach for the weekend.
Although it might rain, it will still be fun because after all it's "The Beach". 

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