Apr 30, 2012

Indie Anna Jones (Mini-Blog Essay) 4/29/12

Thank you Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery,  and George Lucas, etc. etc.  Okay now that that's out of the way check out this mini-blog essay.  Books by indie authors are on the rise.  With the help of Amazon.com, the Kindle, and independent bookstores such as Back to the Books and others like it, no longer are books published by small independent presses looked down upon by traditional big time publishers.  Instead they are waking up and taking notice as are the mainstream media and the public as well.  Authors and small presses can create websites, blogs, and so much more with just a click of a button.  Indie authors now have more control of their work and not to mention their own success thanks to the internet.  Many first time authors are choosing to self-publish than ever before in recent history.  Are you one of them?  Today show your support by buying a book from your local indie author or visit an independent bookstore the next time you go out shopping.  Or why not surf the web for online independent book stores.  A good place to start would be Back to the Books.  Some of their best selling books include "Allon" by Shawn Lamb, "Dereliction of Duty" by Jon Renaud, "If I Could Be a Zebra" by Zarle Williams, and "Poems That Might Or Might Not Change Your Life" by Charlie Clouse, plus many more.  For a list of their top ten best sellers click here.  

Apr 29, 2012

What Matters Most (New Poem) 4/24/12

Chanting Hare Krishna in the shower, on the way to work, and early in the morning.
In the end when we pick our lives apart little by little 
and piece by piece what in the end do we find? 
What in the end matters most?
What in the end, if anything matters most.
That's the million dollar question isn't it.
(What matters most)
Is it love?
Is it family?
Is it happiness?
Is it none or all of the above?
Do we even dare to answer or do we in return 
just answer silently.

If Everyday Was A Vacation Day (New Poem) 4/23/12

No Worries.
No School.
No Work.
No Problems.
Sleep in whenever you want.
Stay up as late as you want.
Eat whatever you want.
Drink whatever you want.
Go anywhere that you want.
Sit around and do nothing if you want.
Yes, that would be the life.
Where do I sign up.

Apr 19, 2012

Website Updates Apr. 2012

New names added to the "Thank You" page such as James Randi, MythBusters, Pen & Teller, Richard Dawkins, and more.  Also new stuff added to the "Free Page" such as a free poetry kit, free e-book "The First Ocean Of Thought", plus new poems and new links added to the website.  Thanks to everyone who attended the book signing and poetry reading in Richmond, Virginia.  I plan to do some more poetry readings and book signings around the local area hopefully sometime soon.   

Apr 16, 2012

Allergies (New Poem) 4/13/12

Nose is constantly running.
It feels dry, stopped up, and sometimes it bleeds.
Not a lot but just a little bit.  
(Note to self:  It's okay to freak out just don't pass out)
Head feels a little bit heavy and it's hard to breath out of one nostril.  Feel like crap, just want to uh, oh.  
Have to....sn....sn....snee....sneeze. . . .ah ah AHCHOO!
(Stupid allergies)

Apr 2, 2012

Paperback Writer (Book Signing Event)

The Beatles song "Paperback Writer" is my theme song for the week.  On Saturday April 7th, I will be performing a free poetry reading and signing copies of my latest book titled "Poems That Might Or Might Not Change Your Life".  The book signing will start at 1:00 p.m.  Well, that sounds like fun, where the heck will it be?  Oh yeah, that's right....the location.  The book signing will be held at Chop Suey Books located at 2913 West Cary Street Richmond, VA.  23221.  It should be a great day filled with entertainment, refreshments, free stuff, and fun.  So if you can bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your family, bring some money, okay that last one is optional.  Anyway, it should be fun.  I hope to see you there.  Here is a link to the book store.
Chop Suey Books

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