Aug 19, 2012

Ode To Shark Week (New Poem) 8/18/12

Beautiful creatures they are.
Both loved and feared by many.
They haunt our dreams and 
sometimes we wake up screaming.
But after all is said and done we do have a choice.
We can always stay out of the water, but we seldom do.
We know the risks but take them anyway.
Even if our deepest fear swims right below us.

Aug 10, 2012

Always On My Mind

Are you an Elvis fan?  If so feel free to check out the 2nd Annual Elvis Presley Trivia Contest and depending on your knowledge of  "The King" you will have a great if not easy chance to win some cash.  Click here for more details and as always....Good Luck! 

Aug 6, 2012

Writing A Novel

So far it's going along really slowly.  I thought by now that I would have at least a few chapters done, but all I've got so far is just a few paragraphs.  I'm thinking of just starting over from scratch.  I just need to sit back and gather up all my notes and make time to write and write and write.  So as I stated in an earlier post it's going to take a lot longer to finish the novel than expected and once again, so be it.  Hopefully I will have it done before I turn 40 (hopefully).  

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