Jan 26, 2013

It Feels Like A Sunday But It's Actually Saturday (New Poem) 1/26/13

A slice of lime (A green citrus fruit).
Three ice cubes (Frozen water).
The Stanley Brothers (Bluegrass) music playing.
A few shots of Moonshine (The Original Moonshine) 
inside a glass.  Wearing a Doctor Who shirt 
(A British TV Show) and jeans.  
Early January 25 degrees outside (Cold).  
Still need to eat dinner.  
What to get....what to get....(Food).     

Jan 21, 2013

Food (Mini-Blog Essay) 1/21/13

Fruit smoothies are freaking awesome!  I try to have one in the morning when I have the time.  I feel so much better through out the day when I drink one.  This year I plan to eat better and exercise more.  Drink more water and eat vegan when possible if not then I'll try to eat a healthier vegetarian diet.  Food can either help us or hurt us.  Isn't that just wild once you think about it.  We have so many choices now a days.  A candy bar or a banana, carrots or cookies, a soft drink or maybe some fruit juice. Then there is where and how the food is produced.  Once again we have so many choices.  For example mass produced factory farm animals, growth hormones, antibiotics, etc.  Or maybe local, organic, grass fed, cage free, no growth hormones, etc.  Vegetarian or non vegetarian.  Even where we shop can make a difference in our food choices.  Such as Walmart or the Farmer's Market. Fast food or the local food co-op grocery store down the street, or maybe you even grow your own food in a backyard garden.  The one thing that we all can agree on is that food is amazing!  It can bring people closer together in so many different ways and that is always a good thing.  Three cheers for food.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!       

Jan 10, 2013

The New Year (New Poem) 1/4/13

So sick of making New Year's resolutions yet we make them anyway.  Most are made in good faith but hardly any are ever kept.  So why do we even try?  Because we are creatures of habit and it is up to us to decide which habits we choose to do....the good ones or the bad ones.  It's really quite simple yet somehow we always make it so damn complicated. 

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