Dec 22, 2013

Hollywood Rockstar (New Poem) 12/18/13

Alone in our silent corners of life.
Years pass by and by.
The Hollywood rock star dreams of youth is now replaced by the 9 to 5 day job.
No wild late night parties, just bedtime stories with the kids.
Yet sometimes we drift away in sweet bliss with the help of pleasant memories 
and great music from our past and yes, maybe a little bit of alcohol. 
But in the end it always comes back to the music.
It's the only thing that matters.
Just the music....just the music.

Dec 5, 2013

Black Russians (New Poem) 12/5/13

Bowman's Vodka.
Kahlua Liqueur.
Not quite late at night but it is dark. 
(A little bit past eight o' clock).
A few sips here and there.
A few more sips here and there.
Volume turned up listening to Alice Cooper.
Sitting here in blue jeans and a grey Virginia is for Lover's t-shirt.
Alice Cooper Rocks!
Glass is empty....need more to drink.
Should be working on my novel but it can wait.
(Wait!!  No, it can't).
Glass is still empty.
....pours more Vodka and Kahlua into glass.  

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