Aug 9, 2015

Sand (a beach poem)

Sand is everywhere.
Sand is on the beach and in between our toes.
Sand is inside our shoes and inside our swim suits.
Sand is nestled in our beach towels and neatly tucked around the corners of the shower bathmat.
Sand is everywhere and it's absolutely perfect,
just as it should be.

Jul 22, 2015

The Forgotten Summer (New Poem)

After years and years of constantly working 
Summer-time feels less and less like it should.
Then on a few rare occasions work and all 
the other bullshit seems to disappear.
A smile appears on a tired face.
The long, lost, and forgotten Summer 
has finally returned.

Jun 13, 2015

What Are You Going To Do With All Those Frisbees? (New Poem)

What is the purpose of a writer?
To write and to keep on writing and not spend 
money on crazy gimmicks and promotional 
products with your website on it.
I should be drinking coffee and 
working on my novel.
Instead what am I doing?
Stupid stuff like ordering a bunch 
of frisbees with my website on it.

Atheist Poem (New Poem)

A sudden change in belief?
No, it happened gradually one tiny step at a time 
and then all of a sudden one leap of faith into the 
wonder and awe of non-believing.
Oh, God!!
No....No God.
At first it seemed strange saying it.
You know, the "A" word.
Asshole?  No, not that one.
The other one....Atheist.
I'm an Atheist.
There I said it.
Now, was that so hard to say?
Is that so hard to believe?  

Aleister Crowley (New Poem)

Why are we so fascinated by you?
Is it the mystery, the power, the wisdom, the magick?
You've been an influence to many great musicians 
such as the Beatles, Jimmy Page, and David Bowie 
just to name a few.
You've also inspired many great film makers, 
writers, artists, and poets as well.
You are known to some as "The Beast" or 
"The Wickedest Man In The World".
Having a title like that may scare some people, although 
it could be just an exaggerated story made up by the 
press to sell more papers.
Then again, it could all be completely true.
That's the mystery isn't it.
Hidden somewhere in between the myth and 
the man known as Aleister Crowley. 

The Penny (New Poem)

The penny.
At one time the penny actually meant something.
You could actually buy something with it.
Now a days the penny isn't worth that much.
Some say we should just get rid of the penny altogether.
I would have to agree.
It just makes cents, I mean sense.
The penny.

Almost 40 (New Poem)

Not quite mid-night but very close.
Okay, well....not really.
It's only 11:12 p.m.
And before I forget "May the fourth be with you".
(Yes, today is May the Forth).
Okay so on with the poem (I guess).
Third glass of rum and coke.
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
The kids are asleep and safely tucked into bed.
Just chilling and relaxing.
Listening to Pink Floyd's "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn".
Wishing I didn't have to work in the morning but I do.
So now what.
Another sip of rum and coke.
Another night of just blah...blah...blah...blah...blah.
Jesus fucking Christ, where has the time gone?
I'm almost forty years old and yet I feel so much younger.
Almost forty?  Well, not quite.
About a month ago I just turned thirty-nine.
So now what.
Well, so far things at work have been good.
Just plugging away and doing what I'm suppose to be doing.
As always the job is still just a job and nothing more.
On a side note: I need to focus more on writing my novel.
Yes, the novel.
That's the one thing that I feel like I should complete before I actually turn forty.
Holy Shit....forty....(fuck that).

Apr 5, 2015

One Bad Ass Razor (Mini-Blog Essay)

When I first started shaving I had a Gillette Sensor with two blades.  Then the Mach 3 came out featuring not one, not two, but three blades.  After that it started to get a little crazy. I continued to shave with my Mach 3 razor while the razor blade companies repeatedly tried to one up each other by adding more and more blades to their razors.  It's ridiculous! How many blades are on a razor now....five?  A few months ago I started using a double edge safety razor  (You know, the kind that your father or grandfather would have used). After successfully using the double edge safety razor for a while now I see no need to go back to the modern day razor with three, four, or five blades when one simple blade will do. First of all, it looks freaking bad ass.  Second, the money you save on buying replacement blades is reason enough to switch to a double edge safety razor.  I guess the razor blade companies thought that by adding more and more blades will give you a better and closer shave, which in some cases just isn't true in my humble opinion.  So, sometimes less really is more.   

(Pictured above is the Parker 22R Double Edge Safety Razor with a pack of Super Chrome Shark Blades)             

Apr 3, 2015

On Writing A Novel (New Poem)

Why is it so hard to just . . . . . write.
There is no simple answer.
No magic bullet.
No right way or wrong way.
It's just you and a blank page impatiently waiting to be filled.

Jan 16, 2015

Jeans (New Poem) 1/16/15

I thought it would be fun to write a poem about jeans.
Words and jeans are a lot alike in some ways.
They can't be too loose or too tight.
They have to look and feel just right.
Jeans come in many different colors and a variety of style.
Words can make you laugh, cry, and even smile.
If your jeans don't seem to fit right don't worry, just visit a tailor.
Who was that writer who married Marilyn Monroe back in 
the 1950's Norman Mailer, no wait it was Arthur Miller.
Okay so I ran out of words that rhyme.
Just do me a favor and forget about those last few lines.
I thought it would be fun to write a poem about jeans.
Boy was I wrong, so it seems.  

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