Apr 5, 2015

One Bad Ass Razor (Mini-Blog Essay)

When I first started shaving I had a Gillette Sensor with two blades.  Then the Mach 3 came out featuring not one, not two, but three blades.  After that it started to get a little crazy. I continued to shave with my Mach 3 razor while the razor blade companies repeatedly tried to one up each other by adding more and more blades to their razors.  It's ridiculous! How many blades are on a razor now....five?  A few months ago I started using a double edge safety razor  (You know, the kind that your father or grandfather would have used). After successfully using the double edge safety razor for a while now I see no need to go back to the modern day razor with three, four, or five blades when one simple blade will do. First of all, it looks freaking bad ass.  Second, the money you save on buying replacement blades is reason enough to switch to a double edge safety razor.  I guess the razor blade companies thought that by adding more and more blades will give you a better and closer shave, which in some cases just isn't true in my humble opinion.  So, sometimes less really is more.   

(Pictured above is the Parker 22R Double Edge Safety Razor with a pack of Super Chrome Shark Blades)             

Apr 3, 2015

On Writing A Novel (New Poem)

Why is it so hard to just . . . . . write.
There is no simple answer.
No magic bullet.
No right way or wrong way.
It's just you and a blank page impatiently waiting to be filled.

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