Apr 25, 2016

Don't Look At The Clock (New Poem)

It's a death trap.
Slowly killing us all.
That damn clock.
That damn clock on the wall.
Laughing at us as the hands move by in slow motion.
Never moving forward.
Even moving backwards so it seems.
Damn You!!
Damn You!!
Damn You!!
Stupid clock on the wall.

(Dedicated to the clock on the wall at work)

The Blanket (New Poem)

Wrapped up in a blanket.  
No matter what kind of weather it is outside or what time of year.  You will find me on the couch wrapped up in a blanket. For that is the way of things.  That's how I roll.

(Just call me Linus....you know from the Charlie Brown comic strip also known as 'Peanuts') 

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