Aug 28, 2016

The Dangerous Poet (New Poem)

Can poetry hurt you?
Can it make you go insane?
Can it destroy your soul?

Noooo!! (New Poem)

The first day back to work after a very long and relaxing vacation is always the hardest.
You don't want to get up after the alarm goes off. 
(You just don't).
But you do anyway because well....because you have to.
The drive to work is a mind numbing blur.
Yeah, I know.  
(It sucks).
Then as you walk towards the entrance to your 
work place it begins.  
Here it comes.  
(Get ready).
Welcome back to....WORK!!!

Miles Away (A Vacation Poem)

Miles away from work and home.
Big ocean waves.
Hot sun.
Lots of rum and coke.
A perfect summer vacation with great food and fun times.
Not wanting this to end.
This feeling.
This place.
This nice little get away from it all.

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