Sep 20, 2016

Happy Devil (New Poem)

Why should we fear the darkness?
Embrace the true nature of man and woman.
Total Freedom.
Complete Creative Passion.
There is no need to hide.
All of us, together.
Finding knowledge in the ways of living.  

(Dedicated to Anton LaVey founder of the Church Of Satan)

Sep 4, 2016

Comic Books And The Art Of....(Mini-Blog Essay)

Well I thought I would cut back on a few of my comic book subscriptions.  Nope....

As it turns out I added a shit load more to my current comic book subscription pull list.....Thanks DC! (insert a sarcastic tone of voice here)  Yeah, I think that was already implied Captain Obvious.  First off let's with Marvel comics.  The Amazing Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite super heroes  so I will continue to keep on reading it no matter what.  As for Daredevil I've been on and off through out the years.  Currently I'm subscribed to the latest issue which I've really enjoyed so far.  The Hulk I started reading in 2014 and really liked it a lot.  As for The Totally Awesome Hulk I read the first issue and thought it was total crap.  But then I read a few up coming previews of the current series and it looked promising.  So I decided to give it another try. I'm so glad that I did.  Now I'm totally loving the new Hulk. Ant-Man I just recently started to get into and like it so far. Doctor Strange is another one that I'm a bit new to and I'm really liking it so far.  (The word of the day is: so far)  Now to a few one shots, on goings, and mini series.  (Archie Meets The Ramones, Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep, Death Force, Island 731, Moonshine, Flash Gordon: Kings Cross).  All of these are new to me and should be good based on the comic book preview descriptions and art work that I've seen....keeping fingers crossed.  And now to DC comics.  The Flash, Batman, Justice League and Aquaman I will always continue to read no matter what. The current series of each one that I've read so far is truly amazing and brilliant, everything is perfect all around.  The writing, the artwork, the feel of it, you know just....everything. Green Arrow I've been reading on and off.  At the moment I'm reading the current series and I'm enjoying it.  A few months ago DC finished up a Swamp Thing mini series that I really liked a lot.  That reminds me about a comic book series from Image comics that I was reading called Black Magick.  I'm not sure if the series was canceled or maybe they're just taking a break from it but I hope it comes back soon.  Now if the Atom from DC comics comes back again that would be really great.  I just recently added Hellblazer and Deathstroke to my current pull list.  I'm looking forward to reading both of them.  They both look freaking awesome. Okay....that's it so far.  I hope you enjoyed reading this mini-blog essay about my obsession with comic books.  
Come back soon!  


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