Dec 30, 2017

Every Second (New Poem)

This place is killing me.
Every second.
Every minute.
Every day. need of a change.

       need of a change. 

A new job for a new year.

Yes, that would be good.
...yes it would.

Dec 21, 2017

The Big Day (New Poem)

Everybody is waiting for the big day.
It's more than just toys & chocolates & clothes.
It's more than just Santa in a big red suit 
the birth of Jesus & all that stuff.
It's more than just watching classic Christmas 
movies & drinking hot chocolate on a cold 
Friday night.  Everybody is waiting for the 
big day but it's so much more than that.

Nov 21, 2017

Another Tattoo

The other day my girlfriend said that she was thinking about getting another tattoo.  I might get another one too.  So far my current ideas for a possible tattoo are either the comic book character The Flash or maybe a tattoo of Elvis, or maybe something else.  Not really sure yet.   

Oct 26, 2017

Halloween (Checklist)

1.  Stock up on Count Chocula cereal.
2.  Buy anything pumpkin spiced.
3.  Drink some apple cider.
4.  Carve a pumpkin.
5.  Visit a corn maze.
6.  Watch a scary movie.
7.  Read a horror novel.
8.  Stuff your face with Halloween candy.
9.  Visit a haunted house.
10.  Decorate your house with Halloween decorations.
11.  Go to a Halloween party.
12.  Go trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

Sep 20, 2017

Stumbling On September (New Poem)

So the Summer is slowly slipping away.
The air has a soft and slight chill to it.
School is back in session and the buses are 
filled with sleepy eyed children.
Yet in the corner is....Look Out!
The colorful hi-jinks and spooky scares 
of October are right behind you!!! 

Aug 30, 2017

Almost The End Of Summer (New Poem)

Has the Summer failed us?
No, not yet....not ever actually.
Summer-time always seems to satisfy us. 

Author's note:  There should be more to this poem it seems.  Yet it ends....short & sweet....just like Summer.   

Jul 10, 2017

June 21st (New Poem)

Embrace this time of year.
Even if life is fucked up right now and 
everything is going straight to hell.
Still embrace this time of year 
known as Summer-time.
Embrace it like you own it, like you 
need it, like you fucking deserve it!

Embrace it!!

Embrace it!!
Embrace it!!

May 31, 2017

12 Years Old (New Poem)

Fart jokes will always be funny.
Boobs will always be looked at.
Cartoons will always be fun to watch.

It's a simple fact:  

No matter how old we are everybody is 
at least 12 years old on some kind of level.

Plan B (New Poem)

The mysterious Plan B seems to disappear from our grasp. Most of the time we go head on without making a Plan B in the first place.  Now looking back that seems to be a mistake on our part.  A plan should have been made.  
It's always the here and now, we never see ourselves far enough into the future for things like that.  
But what is stopping us from making a new Plan B?  
Is there still time to make one?  
Yes, of course there is.  
Welcome to the new Plan B.  
Start here....   

May 1, 2017

Feeling Old (New Poem)

Okay....Okay....So maybe I'm not that old but 
damn I sure do feel like it sometimes.
My back aches and my legs and arms seem to 
crack and pop from time to time.
What the hell is going on?
When did I go to bed feeling like 20 and 
end up waking up sounding like 80?

PBR (New Poem)

Sometimes labels need to 
be thrown out the window.
Yeah, so what if it is cheap beer.
As long as it still taste good....right?
Just like the American flag in all it's glory.
The brightly colored Pabst Blue Ribbon beer 
continues to shine through with every sip, 
every gulp, and every chug.

Jan 21, 2017

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Recently I started drinking tea.  

So far I find Twinings Earl Grey Tea to be very good 

and also very relaxing.  Thank You "Star Trek: TNG" 

The Smiths

The Smiths "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" is such 
a great song.  Love the vocals and also the guitar parts are very catchy. 

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