May 31, 2017

12 Years Old (New Poem)

Fart jokes will always be funny.
Boobs will always be looked at.
Cartoons will always be fun to watch.

It's a simple fact:  

No matter how old we are everybody is 
at least 12 years old on some kind of level.

Plan B (New Poem)

The mysterious Plan B seems to disappear from our grasp. Most of the time we go head on without making a Plan B in the first place.  Now looking back that seems to be a mistake on our part.  A plan should have been made.  
It's always the here and now, we never see ourselves far enough into the future for things like that.  
But what is stopping us from making a new Plan B?  
Is there still time to make one?  
Yes, of course there is.  
Welcome to the new Plan B.  
Start here....   

May 1, 2017

Feeling Old (New Poem)

Okay....Okay....So maybe I'm not that old but 
damn I sure do feel like it sometimes.
My back aches and my legs and arms seem to 
crack and pop from time to time.
What the hell is going on?
When did I go to bed feeling like 20 and 
end up waking up sounding like 80?

PBR (New Poem)

Sometimes labels need to 
be thrown out the window.
Yeah, so what if it is cheap beer.
As long as it still taste good....right?
Just like the American flag in all it's glory.
The brightly colored Pabst Blue Ribbon beer 
continues to shine through with every sip, 
every gulp, and every chug.

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