Dec 31, 2018

Tumblr Bumblr

Tumblr is dead.

At one point I was going to keep my Tumblr account and continue to do blog posts along with this one as well but I decided against that idea.  I deleted my Tumblr account.  So from here on out this will be the blog to go to if you enjoy random bits of poetry, mini blog essays about comic books, movies, or whatever else that might be fun and interesting or some say boring to read but it's all here nonetheless.  Long Live Blogger.   

Dec 1, 2018

The Valley Mall (Harrisonburg, VA.)

The mall, the only time that I actually go to the mall anymore is during the holiday season.  Such as today.  I went out and did a little Christmas shopping.  Actually, it wasn't that bad.  I thought it would be more crowded than usual.  But it looked about the same as it always does.

Nov 23, 2018

Aquaman & Batman (DC Comics)

After a few months of not reading Batman & Aquaman comics for awhile.  Out of curiosity I decided to preview the current story arcs for them online and to my surprise they both sound pretty damn good.  So I added them back into my comic book pull list.  Welcome back DC!   

Read Me (Write Now)

It doesn't matter what I write or even say about writing.  I still need to actually write something in order to call myself a writer, a poet, or an author.  Yes, writing is hard.  That's the truth.  It doesn't matter how many cups of coffee I drink.  It's not going to make me a better writer if I don't pick up a pen, or sit my ass down in a chair and type away on the laptop.  Even if what I write isn't perfect I know now that I can always go back and fix it or even delete it.  Hemingway, King, Bradbury and so many others are right about their advice on writing.  Listen and learn from them.        

Oct 25, 2018

Throwback Thursday (Poetry Edition)

To:  Allen Ginsberg

Thank you for giving me the courage
to not be afraid to write down what I’m
really thinking. When I read your poem
called “America” it opened up my eyes
to the true nature of real poetry.
From here on out everything is
an open book. It is now yours to read.
Thank you once again Allen Ginsberg.
Thank You!
Thank You!
Thank You!

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Oct 18, 2018

Throwback Thursday (Poetry Edition)

I Cut Myself Shaving

Blood red.
Small cut.
Shaving razor.
Shaving cream.
Mustache, Goatee.
Not anymore.

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Oct 3, 2018

Judd Hirsch Is Here (Everything Is Going To Be Alright)

Yes, you may know him from the television show "TAXI" and from the movie "Independence Day" which also features the one and only Jeff Goldblum, and of course Will Smith, and let's not forget Bill Fucking Pullman.  That's such a great movie.  Anyway, what I've noticed about the characters that Judd Hirsch usually plays is that they are very likable and sincere.  Once he appears on screen it's like alright things are gonna be okay, we can get through this, we're all going to be fine no matter what kind of crisis is happening on the screen. 

Don't worry.
Just sit tight.
Calm down and relax.
Everything will be okay.
Now that Judd Hirsch is here!       

Sep 21, 2018

Two Glasses Of Red Wine (New Poem)

Two glasses of red wine....(maybe more).
And don't forget three beers.
Cats sleeping.
Me still up, late at night....early morning 4:05 a.m. (what-ever).
Still up.
Still awake.
Can't sleep.
Another sip of wine.
Songs from the 90's.
Thanks to Pandora.
Lost in past memories of....well, the Past.
Now, now, now....Now things seem simple.
Sometimes complicated....sometimes different....sometimes the same.
And then it happens.
Out of nowhere, the songs keep me sane.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank you a thousand times.

With each and every decade through the 20's, 30's, 40's, 
50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and yes even Beyond the music 
keeps me sane and happy beyond belief.  

Thank you once again and forever.  

Oh, yes....let's not forget about the wine.
Yes, the wine.
The wine....the wine.
Yes, the wine.
Thank you too.

Sep 20, 2018

Comic Books (Make Mine Marvel)

Okay....For the first time ever the comics that I'm currently reading are mainly from Marvel instead of DC.  How did this happen?  Let's see, well awhile back I decided to review the comic books that I was subscribed to and cut back on some of them.  I also added a few as well.  It turns out that while I still love DC and Marvel comics equally the ones from Marvel kept getting better and better.  So as it stands now the comics that I'm currently reading from Marvel include: 

The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Extermination, 
Iceman, The Immortal Hulk, The Return Of Wolverine, What If? Ghost Rider, & X-Men Black: Magneto.  

The ones from DC include:  The Flash and Justice League....yes, that's it.  
In the future I might add more from DC but that's it for now.   

Others include:  Elvira, Mistress of the Dark from Dynamite Entertainment.  

(Man, I'm such a nerd.  Not that it's a bad thing to be of course)     

Aug 29, 2018

Saltwater (New Poem)

Again the salty 
sea-air fills our lungs.
Sand is everywhere.
The ocean waves crash and 
spray saltwater into our face.

Suntans & Sunburns (New Poem)

Rum & Cokes.

A Few Drinks (New Poem)

So the rain has stopped....for now.
A trip to Wal-mart.
A nice little drive.
Yes!! the rain has stopped....for now.
Flip flops, sandals, and crocs.
Just a few drinks after 5 o' clock.
The clouds are still grey but the rain has stopped....for now.
The ocean waves crash upon the sand.
A few more drinks and everything feels fine.
And yes, the rain has stopped....for now.  

The Perfect Day At The Beach (New Poem)

So here we are on vacation.
The sun is shining and everything is fine.
But look over there, up in the sky.
The clouds they look dark and grey.  
Then the rain starts.
The hotel lights start to flicker.
The power is out.
Now what do we do?
Stay calm, stay cool.
It's going to be alright....right?
Okay, so sometimes even the beach isn't always perfect. 

Jun 18, 2018

I'm No Einstein (New Poem)

Don't worry there is no Devil to punish you.
Remember, there is no God to save you.
Forgotten are the Old Ways.
In time we will be forgotten too.
Embrace this new light, this new foundation of Truth.
It's a scary thought....but also a strange comfort to know that we really are in control of our own lives, even if we may disagree with that fact.   

May 28, 2018

Welcome To Nightmare Land (New Poem)

Back breaking.
Head splitting.
No end nightmare.

This life you see here, this life you are somewhat living is not what it is meant to be.  Eyes are still open, heart is still beating, mind is still believing that there is a way out of here.  Run while you can.  There is still time.  Just run away.  Run, Run, Run.  Run away from this nightmare land.  This life you see here, this life you are somewhat living is not what it is meant to be.

Back breaking.
Head splitting.
No end nightmare. 

May 21, 2018

Kick Ass Poetry

For some reason my latest poem was about a fart.  Who the hell writes poetry about farts?  I'm not some 12 year old writing silly poems about boobs and farts am I?  Hell no, at least I hope not.  I'm 42 years old.  It's time to create some real, honest, and kick ass poetry once again. 

Apr 1, 2018

The Fart Poem (New Poem)

Well, they say write what you know 
about and I know a lot about gas.
As a matter of fact.
Shhh....don't tell anybody but I have gas right now.
Excuse me.
Man, this poem stinks.

The Death Poem (New Poem)

So it seems we have made it well past the age of 27.
Even into our mid-thirties and forties.  
If we've made it this far then who 
or what can stop us now?

Nobody can.

Nothing can.

Well, maybe Death.

Yeah, Death can probably stop us but so what.
Death is just Death right?
Nothing more....nothing less.
Just Death.  

Mar 22, 2018

Beer (A Mini-Blog Essay....Maybe)

Beer....thought about drinking less alcohol this year but then again maybe not.  I like to drink beer.  Beer is more or less like a soda to me now.  I really don't drink beer to get drunk anymore.  Now I just drink it to have something nice and refreshing to drink for dinner or I might have a few beers to unwind after a hard day at work.  Sometimes you just need a beer, you know.  

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