Oct 3, 2018

Judd Hirsch Is Here (Everything Is Going To Be Alright)

Yes, you may know him from the television show "TAXI" and from the movie "Independence Day" which also features the one and only Jeff Goldblum, and of course Will Smith, and let's not forget Bill Fucking Pullman.  That's such a great movie.  Anyway, what I've noticed about the characters that Judd Hirsch usually plays is that they are very likable and sincere.  Once he appears on screen it's like alright things are gonna be okay, we can get through this, we're all going to be fine no matter what kind of crisis is happening on the screen. 

Don't worry.
Just sit tight.
Calm down and relax.
Everything will be okay.
Now that Judd Hirsch is here!       

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