Jan 27, 2019

The Side Effects Of Being Old School (New Poem)

Coca-Cola in glass bottles.
Movies in black and white.
Aqua Velva.
Records in the tune of John Coltrane. 

Warm Wishes And Cold Fishes (New Poem)

I don't remember going to bed last night but 
I do remember waking up on this cold,cold morning.
Damn this cold weather, damn it all.
Warm wishes and cold fishes.
(What the hell does that even mean?)
So back to the beginning it seems. 
A new year is right in front of us.
Forget about last year.
It is done and gone.
Not to be seen ever again.
Goodbye....Adios Amigos.

The Chef Boyardee Diaries

Have you tried the "Throwback" ravioli from Chef Boyardee?  

Holy Cow!  

I like it so much better than the current beef ravioli.  I'm not sure if it's the spices in it or if it's something else but if I see it again at the store I will 100 % pick up it up.  It's that good.  (This is the first post known as "The Chef Boyardee Diaries)    

The Sushi Chronicles

Just a few weeks ago for the first time I tried the sushi at believe it or not....Martin's.  And yes, it was good, great, amazing.  So a few days later I went back to Martin's and picked up a few more containers of sushi.  My ten year old daughter tried some and she liked it as well.  So from now on if we're craving for some sushi we now know where to go....Martin's.  (This is the first post known as "The Sushi Chronicles").   

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